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VOID Stasys 218

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A double 18” reflex loaded, low frequency enclosure

The Stasys 218 is a double 18” reflex loaded, low frequency enclosure built around traditional principles but designed with Stasys philosophy and attention to detail.

• Large scale touring

In order to extract the maximum performance from the design, the heart of the 218’s 18 mm birch plywood enclosure was subjected to the same resonance mapping procedures as all other Stasys low frequency models. This practice has dictated the type of materials used around the enclosure, optimised the brace positioning, and minimised destructive nodal conditions. All of this creates structurally superior housing with minimum mass, the least possible cabinet coloration and vastly increased output.

Transducer selection and integration is also critical when it comes to reflex enclosure design, so exhaustive comparative testing and evaluation led to the new 18” transducer with a high excursion 4” voice coil. The sonic properties of differing cone and surround combinations were studied, as well as differing coil topographies. Flux intensities and out of band abnormalities were also manipulated until the perfect combination was achieved.

The marriage of a technologically advanced enclosure with esoteric transducer performance applied with superlative tuning techniques has resulted in a phenomenal package with state-of-the-art performance that has well and truly left tradition behind.

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