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Horn Extension to Stasys X V2 or Stasys Xair

When fitted to either a Stasys X V2 or Stasys Xair, the X-Horn increases the horn path length on these high output enclosures. In doing so, this enhances the directivity and also improves the low frequency performance. The end result is that the bass is focused on the audience, as desired. In addition to providing impressive directive bass and dynamic performance, the X-Horn is a visually striking talking point at any music stage.

As the popularity of outdoor music events continually grows worldwide, the challenge of overcoming bass propagation from outdoor systems has been increasingly problematic in the audio industry. An audience wants to hear their chosen music, without the interference of noise coming from surrounding stages or the sound being lost in the open. Meanwhile, residents living in close proximity to an event site will not want to hear excessive noise.

The Void X-Horn is a horn extension that has been specially designed to address this, creating directive bass as the best way to resolve the common issues associated with outdoor use.

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