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You&Me - Manchester 2023

Looking back to the 30th of December 2023, when we supplied audio for the You&Me show at Victoria Warehouse featuring Alexandria, Josh Baker and Across Boundaries, the formidable duo of Chris Stussy and Locklead.

The show happened at Victoria Warehouse in the shadow of Manchester United's Trafford Park ground in the space known as Shed B.

Very long, with twenty seven pillars running the length of the room, it is an extremely challenging space to run coherent audio for a large audience.  At forty nine metres long, in the open air, we could easily cover the space with one system, but in this space with such a low ceiling, running two sets of delays was the only way to achieve anything close to even coverage.

Funktion-One  F124 and Evo 7t made up the main system with F1201 for front fills, with Res 4 and F121 subs in a cardioid stack configuration for the first set of delays and F221 and Evo X for the second set of delays.

You&Me Manchester - Dance Event with Funktion-One
You&Me - Manchester December 2023

This show featured part of the audience behind the DJs, so we supplied rear fills to cover them. No extra sub was required as the rear fills were time aligned to the main subs.

Careful alignment and tuning was needed to make this system really work well and come show time with a full room, the audience reduced the amount of wall and floor reflections and really tightened the room up.

We'll be back there on March 16th for another You&Me show.

Jet 2 - Pilot Graduation (Leeds)

We were asked to supply audio and visuals along with lighting for a pilots graduation at the Jet2 HQ in Leeds.

We used one of our Panasonic 6000lm high definition projectors with rear projection screen for the visuals and a pair of our RCF NXL24A speakers to supply the audio.

Jet2 Pilot Graduation Day Leeds
Sound and Lighting for Jet2 event supplied by Audioserv in Leeds

Beat- Herder Festival 2023

Beat-Herder is an annual summer music festival held at Dockber Farm near Sawley, Lancashire, which has been running since 2006. The festival covers several musical genres including breakbeat, dub, reggae, dubstep, techno, house, drum and bass, folk, dance-punk and psychedelic rock.

This year Audioserv were asked to look after 4 stage's including our favourite 'The Ring'.

Our Funktion-One sound systems provided the audio accross all stages while various lighting fixtures were used to create atmosphere and our IP rated video wall supplied visuals on The Ring stage hosted by Utah Saints.

Christian Loffler

We were excited to get the opportunity to provide sound and lighting for the first live event back at the fantastic Left Bank Leeds venue. Built in 1907, it's a former Anglican church, now a grade II listed building.

Christian Loffler's music really needed a sound system capable of incredible clarity and dynamic responsiveness.

The venue's layout needed wide, even horizontal dispersion, but being a former church, it's hard reflective surfaces create the classic church sound, meaning that reverb is a serious potential problem to make good audio, difficult to achieve. The client wanted a Funktion-One system and as we have various different Funktion-One systems in our rental inventory, we chose to use our Vero VX.

Traditionally used in multiples of four or more cabinets per side, this was the first time we had used just two per side. No more power was needed, but it's very narrow vertical coverage pattern meant that excess reflections were kept to an absolute minimum. Both our system engineer and Christian Loffler's engineer were surprised by the lack of bad reflections and the system sounded exceptional.

Loffler's music is a journey from the quietest ambient pad sounds, to pounding kick drums and the Vero VX with its accompanying F124 subs dealt with this with stunning clarity, power and authority.

Our bespoke VX ground stack system was used on this show for the first time, giving us the flexibility to use the VX system for smaller shows.

Christian Loffler - Left Bank Leeds
Christian Loffler - Left Bank Leeds
Christian Loffler - Left Bank Leeds
Christian Loffler - Left Bank Leeds
Christian Loffler - Left Bank Leeds

MNDA Charity Fundraiser

We provided sound and lighting hire for the MNDA Charity Fundraiser event at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds.

Audio was provided by one of our Kv2 Audio Sound Systems and easily covered the venue.

For lighting we provided four LED spots and two moving washes.

MNDA Charity Fundraiser - Queens Hotel Leeds
MNDA Charity Fundraiser - Queens Hotel Leeds
MNDA Charity Fundraiser - Queens Hotel Leeds
MNDA Charity Fundraiser - Queens Hotel Leeds

Hide & Seek Festival

We provided audio production for the Hide & Seek Festival in 2021, with Funktion-One on all five stages.

The Macclesfield festival based at Capesthorne Hall, was a mix of arts and music from disco, house and techno artists from across the globe.

Brilliant event, with an amazing crowd and acts from around the world, our systems were perfect for this festival: with the Vero VX system from Funktion-One on the intimate Ten Tree stage and the main stage powered by the awesomeness of our Evo system.

Audioserv supplying Funktion One for Hide and Seek Festival
Hide and Seek Festival
DJ at Hide and Seek Festival
Audioserv Sound Engineer for Hide and Seek Festival

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