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Our cutting edge systems deliver stunning audio everytime, giving audiences the best experiences possible. With a range of lighting to give you a one stop shop for all your production needs.
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EAW Sound Systems

We have EAW KF750, KF850, KF650, KF300, SB850’s for hire.

EAW became well known for creating custom loudspeaker designs for specific projects and applications. Technologies developed for these designs have led to the development of many of EAW's standard products, which are mainly used in professional and commercial sound reinforcement applications, such as concert venues, music and dance clubs, theatres, stadiums, theme parks, and houses of worship.

Our EAW system range contains many EAW technologies resulting in powerful range of touring systems. Designed with optimized coverage to cover audience areas ranging from 200 to 8,000 people. These systems are highly efficient and with a true point source they have stunning clarity and deliver impact for any event.

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Turbosound Sound Systems

For over 40 years Turbosound has repeatedly shown award-winning innovation and leadership in the world of high-end professional audio, producing landmark products that have defined and shaped the live music industry.

We have a range of passive and active systems available: NUQ152, NUQ118B, TSP 122, TSP118B, IQ10 & IQ15B. These systems deliver a clean and crisp with lots of low-end grunt! Recommended for audiences from 50 to 300.

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Kv2 Sound Systems

KV2 is a small hands-on manufacturer, focused on quality and most importantly the sound of its products. In 2020 KV2 celebrates its eighteenth birthday. It is still the same small, vibrant company it was when it started, a company with a passion for building high quality pro audio products, products that continue to deliver performance beyond expectation.

Our Kv2 system has some historical serial numbers. It consists of, 4 x ES1.8 1 x 18” subs, 2 x ES 2.5 2x15” subs, 4 x ES 1.0 mid high elements and 4 x EPAK amplifier modules, plus 4 x EX12 powered monitors. Recommended for audiences from 100 – 500 people.

The ES system is a current product from KV2, but has been around since their early day, launched in 2003 and although the current version has had some upgrades to the amplifiers and some drivers have been upgraded, it is fundamentally the same. It is an excellent system for a wide variety of jobs, ranging from theatres to live music venues, to dance music clubs.

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Axiom Pro Audio Sound Systems

We have the new column line array AX12C system from Axiom available. This system delivers high power, great clarity and optimum low frequency. This system is scalable and perfect for events for audiences of approx. 200 upwards to over 1500, whether live music, DJ or a corporate event.

The system consists of;
AX12C Line Array passive speakers, each equipped with twelve 3.5” neodymium transducers with waterproof cones and SW2100A subwoofers contain. delivering both high power and clarity.SW2100A subs: 21” (530mm) drivers, High Output, Powered, CORE Processed, Bandpass Subwoofers: designed to provide the optimal low frequency extension. They are very compact Band-Pass/Bass-Reflex subwoofers providing high output and extended low frequency response.

We are a registered dealer for Axiom. If you are interested in purchasing this system we can offer a demonstration, please get in touch if you would like to organise a demo of the AX12C system.

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Axiom Pro Audio Sound Systems - Column Line Array AX12C System - Available for demonstration in Leeds

Linea Research Amplifiers

Hire Linea Research Amplifiers

Audioserv's passive speaker systems are powered by the superb range of Linea Research Amplifiers. Stunning sound quality along with on-board DSP is why Audioserv made the change to Linea Research.

Linea’s 44M Series of four channel amplifiers are optimised for live sound applications. Offering a unique combination of massive power and peerless audio performance integrated with unique DSP, the 44M Series represents an unmatched advancement in amplifier technology.

Sharing the same feature set and form factor as Linea's 48M Series of eight channel amplifiers the 44M Series is available in models that develop between 1,500Watts and 5,000 Watts per channel (up to 10,000 Watts for a bridged pair). Unusually these are not, ‘transient’, ‘burst’ or ‘peak’ power figures, they are the power levels that are delivered by all channels simultaneously even when driven with the same dense program material.

Linea Research Amplifiers power most of Audioserv's Passive Sound Systems
One Of Our Linea Research Amp Racks

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