Maintenance & Support

We offer you peace of mind that your audio system will perform and deliver the best audio quality 24/7 with maintenance packages or one-off servicing and repair services.
Audio Upgrades - Audio Servicing - Audio Repairs

Whether you have a faulty piece of kit, or a venue that needs a full service, we can offer help and advice.

If your equipment is needed while it is being serviced, we can offer temporary replacements, from a single amplifier up to an entire system in a venue.

We undertake repairs on most pro audio equipment including DJ equipment, amplifiers and loudspeakers. We regularly service venues/ our customers systems to make sure they get the best from their equipment, but to also ensure longevity. All systems need a regular service to make sure they are clean and functioning well. Amps might need a clear out and settings may need to be reset.

If you have a faulty system or piece of equipment, please get in touch and we will evaluate the issue and quote you for either repair, service or replacement/ upgrade.

We can work remotely if you have this option, or install a remote system so we can diagnose faults without being on site, allowing us to bring parts, tools and equipment needed to correct problems when we do make a repair visit. We also repair and service Pioneer DJ equipment and turntables.

We Provide:

Free on site assessment (venue systems only)

Loudspeaker repair service

Venue service contracts

Repair pro audio equipment

Amplifier & equipment clean

DJ equipment service & Repair

Audio Maintenance and Support

Audio maintenance packages for venues.

We will ensure your system and equipment is looked after, with regular visits from one of our techs to:

Check all equipment for faults.
Correct EQ and balance.
Clean and service amps and processors.
Where applicable, check user interfaces and devices for proper operation.
Test all connectors: repair damaged cables and replace connectors where needed.
Upgrade software where necessary and available.
Advise on potential equipment re-positioning or replacement if necessary.


If your system is out of date and needing an upgrade, we can organise a site visit to discuss your audio needs, we will then put together a few options for an upgrade and possible reconfiguration. We can offer both partial or full system upgrades.


We work on many venues that change and move things around which means that your system may need reconfiguring to the new layout. Or you might just need some additional low end or the settings altering. Whatever you need, you can rely on us to deliver.


We have many options to choose from depending on the amount of support you need. Audio systems need a service to make sure they are working as they should be, to check the settings are giving your customers the best sound possible. It increases the life span of your equipment and gives you peace of mind that everything is working 24/7. Built into the service plan is telephone support and emergency call outs, just in case you do have an issue with a piece of equipment. We will replace your faulty equipment whilst yours is sent for repair or whilst you wait for a replacement to arrive.


We can repair issues with systems on site or if you have a driver that has blown (not one we have installed as this doesn't happen) we can get that reconed. If you have faulty equipment, we can sometimes repair it in house or we may need to send it back to the manufacturer, but we have replacement equipment you can rent whilst waiting for yours to be returned.