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Our main sound system rental brand is from the renowned Funktion-One, one of the global leaders in innovative loudspeaker design. You can rely on our Funktion-One production services to deliver an incredible experience for your audience every time.

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Funktion-One is one of the leading manufacturers in the audio industry. Their sound systems provide the best sound quality with acoustic accuracy which is perfect for both dance music and live events.

As one of the world leaders in loudspeaker design, Funktion-One are famous for their innovative approach and sonic perfection. Funktion One Sound Systems have amazing point source accuracy with detailed control and the most natural sound.

Our Funktion-One rental sound systems are completely at home in any live environment with the control and authority to do dance music justice. They can be scaled to cover the largest festival stages with all the power and subtlety needed to deal with music as wide ranging as classical to techno on the same stage, or scaled down for more intimate events such as weddings and private parties.

We are also trusted Funktion-One dealers and installers, please see our sound installation page for more information.

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Vero VX

Funktion One Vero VX Sound System Hire


Funktion One Evo Sound Systems


Funktion One RES Sound Systems

Funktion-One Vero VX Systems

‘Good Audio is an Art’

Introducing the new versatile format system from Funktion-One, their newest range of festival systems, offering a new dimension for live audio and the next level system which we are really excited to have as part of our hire inventory.

Funktion-One Vero VX compact format brings Vero sound to a wider range of venues. Though smaller in footprint, Vero VX has an equally intelligent acoustic and mechanical design for leading audio quality.

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Funktion-One Vero VX Sound System Hire

Funktion-One Evo Systems

The Evolution mid high range from Funktion-One truly represents the pinnacle of point source loudspeaker technology.

They can be used for shows for a few hundred people up to several thousand with flawless accuracy and breakthrough audio.

We have various stack options available for the Evo 7T, powered by Linea Research amplifiers.

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Funktion-One Evo Sound System Rental

Funktion-One F124 24" Bass Enclosures

The Funktion One F124 subwoofer uses Funktion-One's loading and driver technology to provide something incredible. Two voice coils and intense magnetic flux, control the 24" cone with military precision, providing excellent transient response and bass extension to below 30Hz. To get the speed, impact and low frequency SPL from a single cabinet is truly special. This is the perfect bass section for systems using Evolution, Vero and Vero VX mid high sections.

Powerful on it's own, or used in multiples for excellent natural forward gain and used in endfire and other cardioid configurations to provide rear rejection pattern control.

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Funktion-One F124 Bass Enclosures

Funktion-One Res Systems

Our Funktion One RES 4 systems are perfect for medium sized events where wider dispersion is needed. Two wide, they can cover 90 degrees and can also be used for delays and infills on larger stages.

The choice of subs are either F121 or F221, depending on the size of your event. The F221 and the F121 subs are both horn loaded and deliver huge amounts of fast, tight bass, but are also very musical, so work very hard and efficiently for all genres of music.

We have various ground stack boards available to configure systems specific for your event, all powered by either MC2 or Linea Research amplifiers. If you would like to know more about pricing, please get in touch.

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Funktion-One RES Sound Systems

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