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For many venues, the initial cost of buying a complete audio system is too expensive and finding the right system can be a minefield of different equipment to consider. Our long-term rental program, offers businesses the option to rent a pro audio system, with monthly direct debit payments.

Whether you need a system for a short period, i.e. a month, or as long as a few years. We will design and fully install the right kit.

System Design

Our audio specialist will design a system specific to  your venue. All systems are fully installed by our experienced team who pay close attention to detail. We also offer in-house fabrication services for bespoke hardware for unusual spaces and projects. We can provide various options for any budget. You can rely on our expertise to take all the hassle out of choosing and installing a system, with maintenance packages to ensure you have great quality, reliable audio 24/7.

Installation & Ongoing Support

Venues benefit from our experienced technical team’s ongoing support with regular site maintenance visits to resolve any technical issues to ensure the system is working at its best throughout the rental period. With some installations, we can monitor the system remotely, including the ability to reconfigure the operation of the audio. Depending on the rental package, we can also change equipment if needed to either scale up or down in quality and capacity. 


As part of the rental programme, you will receive a regular maintenance visit from one of our audio installation technicians to: 
  • Check all equipment for faults. 
  • Correct EQ and balance. 
  • Clean and service amps and processors. 
  • Where applicable, check user interfaces and devices for proper operation. 
  • Test all connectors: repair damaged cables and replace connectors where needed. 
  • Upgrade software where necessary and available. 
  • Advise on potential equipment re-positioning or replacement if necessary. 

“Have worked with Audioserv for years on all size of jobs and can always rely on a top quality service. Very flexible to work with to achieve your vision whilst having the experience and advice to guide you to getting the highest quality sound!”

Kyle McSparron – Freedom Mills